Internship Program

Peace Lutheran Church has been a teaching congregation in partnership with      Luther Theological Seminary in St. Paul, MN for more than 20 years.  Interns from the Seminary spend one year of their theological training in a parish setting for "hands on" experience in pastoral ministry. 

 The following 25 people served their year of Internship at Peace Lutheran Church under the supervision of Rev. Wayne Deloach (1984-2013) and Rev. Melissa Carmack (2020-Present):

Cheryl Kleven-Doely (1984-1985)

Jan Mehlhoff (1990-1991)

Glenn Marten (1991-1992)

Todd Nelsen (1992-1993)

Brad Davick (1993-1994)

Mark Dressel (1994-1995)

Melody Kirkpatrick (1995-1996)

Jean Gfall (1996-1997)

Maggie Speich (1997-1998)

Leland Reinsch (1998-1999)

Linda Van Eaton (1999-2000)

Steve Schumacher (2000-2001)

Kristi Mitchell (2001-2002)

Brian Ferguson (2002-2003)

Linda Rozumalski (2003-2004)

Diane Norstad (2004-2005)

Gerd Bents (2005-2006)

Kirstin Kellaher (2006-2007)

Doug Andersen (2007-2008)

Robert Sinclair (2008-2009)

Lori Peper (2009-2010)

Courtney Young (2010-2011)

Melissa Carmack (2011-2012)

Andrea Fluegel (2012-2013)

Benjamin Nelson (2020-2021)