Youth & Family Ministries (7th - 12th Grades)

            We believe that young people are at the heart of the church.  Given that fact, we seek to provide ministry to      

youth, families & friends that is  meaningful  and full of grace as they grow in their faith and life.

Youth Ministry Mission Statement:

To be an instrument used by the Holy Spirit to bring youth to faith in Jesus Christ.The strategies by which we accomplish this purpose are: Worship, Service, Learning and Fellowship. We provide ministry to youth and families including: mentoring, discipleship training, counseling, resources and prayer, Bible studies, worship and outreach opportunities, service projects, and FUN!

Youth Committee Members:

Maria Gjovig (Council Representative), Nicole Kovar (Council Representative), Vicki Koehler (Treasurer), Kayla Stankowski (Secretary), Sonya Swanson, Michele Ward, Trisha Slater